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Nathan Huddleston
Not all heroes wear capes, some have animal-patterned onesies;
they don't capture villains, they chase away the nightmares.
You are one of them. A hero.
A brother.

Ruuka Kyouryuu
Meeting you was a coincidence.
Tutoring you was a challenge.
Trusting you was a choice.
A one that I'll never regret.

Ylva Harakawa

The queen of hearts never befriends the one of spades.
Still, they both belong to the deck.
You can't play lacking either.

William Hayes
I was so scared of your presence,
haunting me on the other side of the world,
but I should've noticed, I should've known
that you are in fact the victim of fate.

Matthew Greenberg

I have no idea what you've been through.
But having a slightest opportunity to make your life better,
I'll take it.

Ryuutarou Moriyama
It's strange how we come around each other from time to time.
Just like if the world was trying to tell us something,
even if I don't know what is it yet.
I guess only time will tell.

Ivo Bergsson
Who would ever believe in our eerie adventure?
Market shelves in the darkness, DIY burglary kit,
a totally implausible team-up.
It's all thanks to you I have my fluffy friend now.

I still can't believe I've gone this far. FgHQlqb

Daisy Verity Greenwood

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